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Hengki Koentjoro: Fine Art Surrealist Landscapes

“I also inspired by Haiku, short poem originated in Japan, it teaches me to be simple and look at this world in the most contemplative way. Haiku is about nature and nature is the place where I seek my freedom, expression, and identity.”

Respect the Animals: The Surreal Messages of Tomasz Zaczenuik

When you look at the work of Tomasz Zaczenuik, you get the feeling of being transported to a place of pure magic. Mr. Zaczenuik is very passionate about animals and creating his photographic compositions to transport the viewer to a surreal world. A digital artist for 10 years, Mr. Zaczenuik has had his wok displayed in exhibits, galleries, etc. Like every other surreal photographer out there, he has a message to convey in his images.

Magdalena Pilecka: Inspired by Classic Silent Horror Films

All images by Magdalena Pilecka. Used with permission. Photographer Magdalena Pilecka’s Black and White Stories series is an incredible collection of black and white images that strongly pull their inspiration from those classic silent horror films from the dawn of cinema. A time where there were no crazy sound effects or crazy special effects to blow a…