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DIY: How to Build a Pinhole Camera (Premium)

The pinhole camera has been a classic DIY project for students discovering photography for many decades. If you want to get a deeper appreciation for the basic DNA of a camera, build a pinhole camera. Pinhole cameras are bare-bones cameras; they consist of a black box, a place to put photo-sensitive material, and a pinhole-sized opening that projects a faint image on light-sensitive material. Stripped of the bells and whistles, all cameras—film and digital—follow this design. Some (OK, almost all) cameras are more advanced. But DIY is making a comeback, especially among millennials, so, let’s make a pinhole camera!

Editing a Black and White Photo in Adobe Lightroom

If you like content like this, please considering backing our Kickstarter. It’s as little as $10/year, but if you give a bit more you can get cool rewards and more. Back in the film days, fixing a photo usually was as simple as involving burning and dodging specific areas. For the most part, that’s still what many photographers do. But it can get more involved with digital photography. Converting an image to black and white brings it back to its simple nature and gives the photographer the ability to really fine tune an image to look just the way that…