10 Awesome Concert Photographers With Under 10K Followers Shooting Black and White (Premium)

If you have been reading La Noir Image for any time now you should be familiar with our 10 under 10k column. In this column, we gather together 10 outstanding instagrammers who shoot our monthly theme that have less than 10,000 followers. This month we are featuring music/concert photographers, and so today’s list will be made up of those photographers as well.

The one caveat to this months’ listing is that due to the nature of concert photography, there are not many Instagrammers who post primarily black and white feeds in this genre, so we have modified this slightly to highlight photographers on Instagram who have great black and white work, and well under 10,000 followers. Let’s get started.


Sara has shot some big names in her time, most recently the Portland, Oregon-based photographer posted some great shots of singer Leann Rimes. Her black and white work has a very clean, contrasty quality and we love it. Really, it makes us want to dust off those old LeAnn Rimes CDs and rock out a bit.


Clark Terrell truly believes that there are things that people in this world would not see if he did not take the time to photograph them. His high contrast black and white concert work is what caught our attention, and honestly left us wondering how on earth this guy has less than 10,000 followers.


Nicolas Mazzini is an Argentinean photographer who shoots primarily sports and music. His Instagram feed is full of great music imagery, including some great black and whites that caught our attention right away. His grungy, high contrast style works great for concerts and capturing the mood of a show.


Based out of Seattle, Rachael Dowd caught our attention with her great environmental concert imagery. It really captures the mood, emotion, and scope of a concert show and is exactly the sort of concert imagery that speaks toΒ the connection that she has with the musicians, the crowd, and the venue. Great black and white work all around.


There is something about black and white images of rock and roll concerts. It is almost the perfect combination of lighting, character, mood, it all just comes together and that is no different with Tarquin Clark’s black and white imagery. We absolutely love the semi matte black and whites with excellent attention to detail with regards to his lighting and capturing ‘the moment’. Great work all around.


Graham Berry is a wedding and portrait photographer from the South East USA who also happens to specialize in Live Music. His work as a whole is rather incredible, but his live black and whites are something special. The emotion, the contrast, the perfect balance between light and dark – such good work all around. For sure someone worth following for some live music inspiration, especially if you are looking for black and white inspiration.


Editorial and Music photographer Steve Thrasher is an incredibly talented individual, beyond having the perfect name for a music photographer. His black and white music imagery has an intense feeling to it, full of emotion, of grit, of glamour. It is not something we saw in all of the people on this list, and Thrasher’s work in particular stood out in that regard.


Based out of the Detroit area, Mezgarth features some great black and white concert photography on his instagram account. Like many of the others mentioned above, his images include the emotion of the show, the feeling of the bass, the pounding of the drum. You can feel the show even though you are just looking at it through a still frame. This is so key to concert photography, portraying that moment, that feeling – this is one person who is getting it right.


Josiah Jee describes himself as an ‘everyday’ human, but his images say he is much, much more than that. His account is relatively new, so it was by chance that we happened across some of his black and white work, and without a doubt this guy needs more followers. His concert black and white photography is top-notch and really captures the mood of the scene and the scope of the venue. We really enjoyed itΒ and you probably will too.


We have talked about how much we enjoy concert imagery that shows the scope of a show, the feeling of the music, the vibe of the venue. LA-based concert photographer Steph Port has some great black and white work and fits that bill perfectly! The raw emotions and physical exertion of a show, we appreciated steph’s ability to capture this, and so we included her on this list.

So there we have it, 10 talented black and white music/concert photographers on Instagram who have under 10,000 followers. For all of these individuals they need to get more love, for sure, so make sure to take a minute and hop over to Instagram to follow and support this brilliant artists.