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Letter from the Editor: Kodak Tri-X Month

There was a period of time in the evolution of photography from film to digital where it was inevitable that perhaps every single film emulsion would disappear: but the one that stood out as impossible to disappear in everyone’s mind arguably was Kodak Tri-X 400. For years, this film has been on the front lines…

Letter From the Editor: Welcome to the New La Noir Image

Years ago, Street Photography wasn’t possible. Photography was something that was very cookie cutter–it required a long exposure time, a tripod, a studio, etc. Colloquial photography was very proper, carefully planned, and didn’t allow for much in the way of candid captures. But when 35mm film was developed, professionals gawked at it while consumers were able to capture candid moments of their every day lives in the streets for the first time. Years later, it would become truly serious in the hands of some of the world’s first photojournalists–then continue to solidify itself during the Great Wars. This process of documenting every day life would continue for many years and become a trend.