The intermediate membership gets you all of the basic and one special tutorial video focusing on black and white processing that will be released earlier next year in 2017. This will cost $40/year.

– Content

– Forum access

– Monthly giveaways for all those who subscribe to La Noir Image. That means when you buy a one year subscription that you’ll have 12 chances to win cool prizes and the chance to win more than once. Because this is only open to subscribers, it means that less people enter and your chances of winning some cool swag increase exponentially.

– Access to a premium La Noir Image Facebook group.

– Yearly workshops focusing on black and white image creation. These will be announced later on.

– Tentative print editions, also to be announced later on.

– Newsletters (probably weekly or bi-weekly.)

And more will be coming as the website evolves and grows. The more funding we get, the more we can do.