The Other Worlds of Purnomo

All photographs used with permission of Purnomo. See more of his work on Instagram.

What makes black and white photography so important to you?

Black and white photography can create deep feeling and simpleness in photos. Once you see good photos in black and white, you will see every aspect of photos and the message they deliver easily. Black and white can deliver the feelings in potrait photos, can deliver the soul of the city, can deliver the otherside of panorama and the most important it can touch the audience who see the photos.









What inspires you to create photographs?

It’s the other side of life and another view of every aspect of life that always inspires me to make good photographs. I want to show every beautiful thing of this world through photographs,  so sometimes a different point of view will help. And that’s the most beautiful thing in photography that always make everything new.




Why is black and white photography so important to our future in the art world?

This is a tough question, because I do photography for my pleasure,  I don’t learn art deeply. But I will answer with all knowledge that I have. I see Art now evolve quite fast and many artists and photographers make a good art and photographs. Black and white photography is where we go back to the basics of photographic art, it took a place in every heart of us. From black and white we can develop every aspect in photographic art. It’s so important because that’s the basic we came from and in the future it will stay and never fade, because black and white photographic art can touch deeply in our sense and heart.




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