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    Chris Gampat

    Hey everyone,

    We’re really curious to know about what you think so far about the site. Let us know please!

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    I like it and hope it is successful.

    I have read about about half dozen articles and have enjoyed them all, very informative and great photos. I particularly liked the Tri-X article.

    My one (minor) complaint is that the two-column view of an article does not work well on a laptop or desktop computer. I tend to click on the Reader View button to make it easier to read.


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    Chris Gampat

    Hi Larry,

    I saw this a while ago but didn’t get a chance to respond.

    The two column view on the older articles I agree isn’t so pleasant. But in the new layout, I personally prefer it.

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    I absolutely love the site! The layout, to me, seems simplistically masterful. You have put together some of the best and most interesting black and white, street photography info anywhere on the internet. I am going to enjoy this and learn so much. The biggest idea I come away with is, I can do what your featured photographers do! With practice and hard work, sprinkled with a ton of passion its all possible for the average Joe, one love!

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      Chris Gampat

      Thanks for that! Super happy that you’re liking the website so far

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