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The Puna: The Desert in Kodak TMax 400

“You know Robert Delpire a french photograph said one day that, ‘What I like in a photograph is the silence and black and white is silence.'” says Photographer Christophe Thillier, who states that he’s a big user of Kodak TMax 400 film in an email to us. Mr. Thillier is a geologist who works in remote places. He shares with us that he’s generally in deserts and that that’s where silence prevails. Deserts, where the light is extremely sharp and hard, also does well with Kodak TMax 400.

(NSFW) Beauty in Simplicity: an Ode to Minimal Black and White Nudes

All images by Lachlan Walker. Used with permission. Also please remember to fund our Kickstarter. Instagram: @lachlanjames_ Website; lachlanwalkercreative.tumblr.com My name is Lachlan Walker, I’m a 23 year old photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Photography is omething relatively new for me.  Up until 2 and a half years ago I’d never touched a camera in my life. It was only when I met my girlfriend, who had always had a passion for photography, that I first picked up a camera. It was an old Nikon D3000, not much good on a technical level, but it was enough to spark my interest. A…

Love: Exploring A Relationship in Monochrome

All images by Nathan Hostetter. Used with permission. “I wanted to show the relationship dynamic of a blue collar man and his white collar girl.” says photographer Nathan Hostetter when he emailed La Noir Image to showcase his project. This relationship isn’t a typical one though.   "The male subject comes from the working class and is adjusting to his new upscale life, and the woman is used to getting her way. The series reflects on the man alone, and the thoughts and emotions of two people that love each other, even if they don’t always understand one another.“  Don’t forget…