Davide Marcelli: Kodak Tri-X in the Pursuit of Art

All images by Davide Marcelli. Used with permission.

In continuing with our special feature of Kodak Tri-x, we are brought to photographer Davide Marcelli. Davide’s work is unique and uses the black and white format to create strong contrast in the images that he shoots. “I think b&w photography has the power to dramatize situations, create a parallel world that doesn’t exist but at the same time is real, is art.” he tells us. It makes sense, especially if you’re the type of photographer that thinks in black and white.

Here are a few thoughts from Davide:

  • I’m inspired by the desire of create stories, describe the world transmitting emotions to the viewer.
  • It gives to the reality a new space and dimension that can’t be described with colors. Humanity needs b&w photography because is the only way to see the same world in a new shape.
  • I try to shoot street photography but sometimes I trespass into documentary, this is my style: a mix of both genres, where people are placed in the urban context, having a great use of contrast and minimalism. I started use Tri-X three years ago, and I literally fell in love with that beautiful grain. This film gives me well balanced negatives, ideal for darkroom print with great details.

EPSON scanner image